Connecting Through Clay

“The creativity and relaxation that results from working hands-on with clay generates a sense of pride, success and motivation, all valuable stimulants for healing and well being”

Abbie Kasoff, 'Say It With Clay', US Non profit of the year 2018.


Workplace Well-being Days


‘Taking part and creating encourages people towards being artistic and developing an active imagination. Group activities, particularly those with a therapeutic focus are an effective way to alleviate isolation and stress . Spending time purposefully and enjoying doing things that bring pleasure and meaning give an enormous sense of well -being ‘- all of these are quotes that people have told me whilst taking part in my sessions.



Lisa Slinn is a potter and teacher ,who after a life changing event studied ceramics in Stoke On Trent . Working with clay helped to get her back out into the world and gave her a life time passion to create for pleasure. Her social enterprise Connecting Through Clay has seen her work with MIND, Age Concern , schools and colleges , people living with dementia and friends and colleagues who want time out to re -connect with their creative self.


Clay is a tactile and sensory material that enables the hand and brain to create memories in a solid form. Mark making and press forming pieces of clay build vessels that we can keep forever or give to a loved one. Memories of childhood freedom and that spirit of just playing enable us to have moments that we forget about everything and help us to simply enjoy the moment.


Friends mentioned that their companies want to invest in their staff and play an active role in promoting mental well- being at work. They suggested that she contact organisations who take this seriously and offer her clay days as a well – being investment for employees.


Full or half days are available , with making for 2 hours in the morning and 1.5 in the afternoon. Employers can choose the kind of making that they feel their staff would enjoy from making basic pinch pots to rolling and press forming dishes and vases. Staff will be taught how to roll , cut and design with clay . Pieces will be taken away and fired and glazed . Lisa will deliver them when finished , wrapped and ready for staff to take home.


All materials are provided and all that is needed are fairly sturdy tables.


By employing Lisa you are also enabling her to provide clay sessions for her social benefactors in her local area , they thank you very much.


If you are interested in taking part in this project please get in touch


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Lichfield, UK