“I would describe my ceramics as considered, playful designs that re -invent traditional images and forms with humour and a lightness of touch. The pieces I create seek, to make the viewer question the origin of our old dusty treasures, locked away in cupboards and museum cabinets. By press moulding 19th Century forms, dipping – not spraying – a cream-ware base, adding splashes of colour and guilding uneven edges, my work doesn’t conform to industry standards. It visually challenges and values its historic references through a new lense and a quirky appropriation of the past”.


In my studio here in Lichfield I am currently preparing for my next Craft fair – Earth and Fire , Welbeck , Notts 23 -25th June http://www.earthandfireceramicfair.co.uk







My 19th Century Collection is currently part of the ‘Surface Pattern’ exhibition at Unit 12 in Staffordshire http://www.unittwelve.co.uk, until August 2017 and can be purchased or commissioned. 










Today I am talking on Women’s Hour, a dream come true as I have been listening to this programme since I began making back in 2001. The work I am making whilst talking to Caz Graham is my new collection of terracotta pieces inspired by Tuscan Frescos and naive art.  The illustrations came from a Saint painted on the wall in Sienna’s ancient pilgrim hospital, a healing woman.






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