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Mono printing onto leather hard clay from my workshop in Lichfield.
Learn how to mono print onto clay using slips and oxides. Create colourful and stylistic prints on a flat surface. Bring along simple line drawings and learn how to print them onto clay.
Cost £30pp

Lisa Slinn- ‘Warehouse’, Longton. 2014

Handbuilding and decorating.
Using a slab roller learn how to prepare your clay to create a plate or a tile then decorate using your own designs with slip techniques.
Cost £30pp

insect dish
Lisa Slinn – Insect dish with sprigs.2014

All about glazing!
Using your fired handbuilt forms spend the morning mixing up your own colours to glaze your finished pieces. Learn about underglaze stains and glazing earthenware.
Cost £30pp

rainy day
Lisa Slinn – ‘Rainy day in Stoke’ , 2014

Learn to slab build 3D forms and decorate with slips and stains.
You can bring your own designs for decoration and learn about composition.
Cost £30pp.

19th century
Lisa Slinn : 19th Century Collection.

To book call 07826776011 or email me lisaslinn72@hotmail.com

All ceramic materials are included and the price includes firing. Work can be collected from the Workshop or posted with prices depending upon the weight of pieces.


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    Hi Lisa – I just wanted to say how moved I was by your Woman’s Hour interview…I then hunted down this website, and I really love the work! I can really relate to using creativity to cope with extreme stress. I trained as an artist at college, but then gave up drawing for many years before nervously taking it up again. 4 years ago my health worsened considerably- but it has actually given me ‘permission’ to be an artist. I am disabled and do my artworks lying down and also write a blog. Art has kept light and good people flowing through my life even in the darkest moments.

    Keep on keeping on- your ceramics are beautiful 🙂

    1. lisaslinn

      Hi Helen, so lovely of you to get in touch . Baring your soul is quite daunting but as we know sharing our stories within a safe forum can produce a positive and productive feeling and I am grateful that this has happened for both of us .
      Best wishes, Lisa

  2. Stephen Harvey

    I am a man who listens to Woman’s Hour sometimes . I found your interview a complete inspiration . Your two daughters should be extremely proud of you .

  3. Laura

    Loved hearing your interview on woman’s hour (heard it on repeat today). Made me think that I should get crafting!

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